Before the radio was communicating?

The history of telecommunication began with the emergence of the first forms of human association.

Primitive men exchanged information in verse and above all in gestures.

In ancient times it was long used messengers to carry news verbally or written on papyrus and parchment.

For military requirements then, they began to study of distance communication systems, based on signals provided by torches or pillars of smoke.

Only towards the end of the 18th century it witnessed an improvement of remote communication systems.

In ers and gears.

Thanks to the discovery of electricity Sommerung in 1808 built the electric telegraph by exploiting the properties of electromagnetism.

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This was developed in 1837 by Samuel Morse who invented a special alphabet consists of dots and dashes: Morse code.

He then tried to also transmit the human voice and in fact in 1872 Antonio Meucci, always relying electromagnetism built a prototype phone.

This, however, was later patented by Graham Bell.

The twentieth century opens with radio communications thanks to Guglielmo Marconi studies that exploited the electromagnetic waves to transmit electrical impulses and local posts.

In 1901, in fact, Marconi made the first transatlantic radio transmissions creating wireless telegraph.

The yacht Elettra by March 26, 1930 anchored in the port of Genoa Marconi managed to light with his telegraph the Universal Exhibition lights of Sydney (16,500 Km).


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