It is a historical cultural association that aims to collect, restore and show the public the electronic technologies and communication systems used during the Second World War.

Its main mission is of historical interest and aims to disseminate research on the study of communication technologies, from electrical telegraphy to radar, with particular reference to the history of radio communications in the period from 1939 to 1945.

World War II was taken as a reference time frame; in this period, the communications technology had not only a great importance but especially a technological development and impressive production at the time.

Never in human history, in such a short span of time, there has been an increase of so gigantic communication technologies.


The Association's commitment is a tribute to the memory of thousands of people of all nations who have contributed with their skills and above all by their wits, often supported by only using pencil and slide rule, the creation of real their own masterpieces of engineering, designing and inventing innovative devices still in use today.

The proof is that, after the war, many devices designed for war purposes had wide use also in civilian applications: teletype, Post & Telegraphs, maritime safety and aviation radar, communication systems in law enforcement, FAX, TeleFax, ...

The foundations were also laid for the radio-navigation used today by modern GPS.

At the headquarters you can admire a collecting about 2000 devices: radio, telephone systems, vehicles equipped with radio communication systems, such as the Enigma cipher machines and other equipment used for secret communications by former belligerents (USA, Italy, Germany , Japan, England, Canada, Russia, etc ..).

All devices are original and for the most part working.

You can also touch not only the different technological solutions but also the unequal constructive conceptions dictated by the different development of various industries both military and civilian.


Paul Bennett

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