During World War II

The history of radio coincides with the history of the twentieth century, and with it opens the field of cordless telecommunications:
from the electrical signals is passed to the electromagnetic waves.

In the y '900 the transmission of information by means of radio waves was still tied to telegraphy, but immediately the radio made him understand its enormous employment opportunities.

At first as mainly navies to use wireless telegraphy to safeguard the security of maritime transport.

Radio broadcasts began to develop increasingly already during the First World War, but knew in the years expanded greatly, becoming a real weapon both for its ability to provide immediate information and orders branch, which as a tool information at the front and at home.

The radio was considered a novelty item right from the '900 dictatorships, which used them to manipulate consciences.

This is precisely why it is called totalitarianism.


In Italy, however, the fascist regime still looked with suspicion on the radio, without grasping the full potential, however, he did not miss the opportunities offered by the new medium of propaganda and promoted the establishment of an entity, the EIAR (Italian Auditions Radiofoniche, 1928), replacing the URI, taking control of it.

The radio reached the spread of mass only in 1936, thanks to Radio Balilla and the contribution of the National Fascist Party, which favored the purchase of equipment for the regime's organizations and schools.

it was during the Second World War in the '40s that the radio became the protagonist in support of armies, but also to comfort and hope of multitudes of people involved in tragic events.

Throughout the conflict there was a second parallel war and unnoticed, but equally important, which employed thousands of men and women in the coded transmission, the interception and decryption of messages from friends and foes.

Radio was and still is today one of the most powerful means for leading the people.

The development of this means of communication has overcome in a short time the telephone, the telegraph, the car and the plane and became, as it were, the average man's technique.


Paul Bennett

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