Rover Joe is a cultural historical association that aims to collect, restore and show the electronic technologies and communication systems employed during the Second World War.

Its main goal is to promote the release of research on the communication technologies studies, from electric telegraphy to radar, with particular reference to the history of radio communications in the period from 1939 to 1945.

World War II was taken as a reference time frame; In this period, the communications technology has had not only a great deal of relevance but above all an impressive technological and productive development for those times.

Never in such a short period of time, there has been such a great advance in communication technology.

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The Association's commitment is to be a tribute to the memory of the thousands of people in every nation who have contributed, with their abilities and, above all, their genius, often supported by the help of the pencil and the computer rule, the creation of sublime masterpieces engineering, devising and inventing innovative devices that are still in use today.

The demonstration is that, after the war, many devices designed for war purposes have also been widely used in civil applications: teletypewriters, posters & telegraphs, marine and aerial security radar, communication systems in law enforcement, FAX, …

The basics for radio navigation used today by modern GPS have also been laid. At the headquarters of the association you can admire a collection of about 2,000 devices: radio, telephone systems, vehicles equipped with radiocomunication systems, encrypted machines such as Enigma and other devices used for secret communications from former belligerents (USA, Italy, Germany , Japan, England, Canada, Russia, etc.).

All devices are original and for the majority working.

It is also possible to touch not only the different technological solutions but also the unequal constructive concepts imposed by the different development of the various industries both war and civil.


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