Portable Cryptographic M-209

In encryption, the C-38 is a portable ciphering machine widely used during the Second World War, in its different versions, both by the Allies and Axis forces.

In the second half of the 30's, starting with a previous model (C-36), the Swedish encryptionist Boris Hagelin designed a mechanical encoder, called C-38, to meet the requirement of a portable cryptographic system for tactical uses.

The er was gradually employed by the French, German, and United States Armed Forces.

The icans adopted it in 1940 and employed primarily in World War II, although it remained in operation until the entire Korean War (1953).

His first operational deployment took place during the invasion of North Africa in 1942.

 The version for the Army was indicated with the initials M-209, while that of the US Navy with the CSP-1500 theme song.

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The C-36 was offered by its inventor the Royal Navy around 1935, but was rejected after the Secret Information Service (SIS) of the Navy performed a thorough evaluation apparatus.

Subsequently, in 1938, Hagelin presented the C-38 to the Marine Director who adopted it.

The cipher entered service in 1940 for encryption of communications between High Command both on land and on board.

Overall, it is estimated that 140,000 copies of C-38 / M-209 have been produced, of which 125,000 are licensed by American Smith-Corona.

Production ended in the early '60s.

After the war, Hagelin, became very rich, developed an improved model of the M-209, which called C-52.

The C-52 had a long period of up to 2,765,205,443 characters, the rotors could be extracted and inserted in a different order while the print rotor had an alphabetical order reshuffled.


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