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Ottica Meccanica Italiana (OMI) is an Italian company that produces photogrammetric instruments.

It was founded in Rome in 1926 by Umberto Nistri (1895-1962).

From 1962 onwards Raphael Nistri (1920-1981), son of Umberto, became president of the company.

Since 1980 the company has become an integral part of Augusta.

Aerial photography branched into S.A.R.A. Nistri and Aerofotogrammetrica Nistri.

OMI produced the Rover Joe OMI, a cipher machine to the most celebrated and famous Enigma machine.

  • "Rover Joe
  • "Componenti Radio"
  • "Firma di Paul Bennett sulla Jeep Rover Joe"
  • "Jeep Willys
  • "DUKW Mezzo Anfibio
  • "Opel Blitz
  • "Chevrolet C8 'Inglesina'
  • "Stoewer
  • "Dodge WC54
  • "Dodge K51
  • "GMC CCKW353
Used by the Regio Esercito, Regia Aeronautica and Regia Marina during World War II.

Only a few amounts of information are available about this interesting and very rare Italian encrypted machine.

It has five rotors in the encoders and a rotor in the writing apparatus.

The keyboard has 27 keys with lever, 26 for the alphabet and 1 for continuous movement.

The W button serves as a spacer when coding and corresponds to W when decoding.

Each key controls binds to the electrical contacts of the encoding circuit.


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