Paul Bennett

Her journey began in Italy in 1944 during the landing at Anzio, the fights coming up in Cassino, here is wounded in the arm, he passes three months of convalescence in the military hospital in Naples.

After his recovery ships in Viareggio where American troops had been pushed together to address the crux of the Gothic Line in force leave the Apennines.

PD said that the war in our mountains was terrible hunger and mud are the things I remember most insistently. The resorts that he worked were Scarperia, Traversa, Monghidoro, then finally the armistice was signed, in finished fighting he reached Bologna.

From Bologna he moves to Milan, then to Como, where he starts again for America.

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Among the most vivid memories remain the explosions and detonations of the mortars, the memory of some friends who died during the conflict, the warmth of the people encountered and the great hunger suffered by the people.

Their food was mainly bread with chestnuts and chestnut soup.

Often, American soldiers donated to villagers not only cigarettes but also and above all their food rations.

Rare were the meetings with the partisans.

He remembers once that in the mountains around Bologna he made a transport of people and material, in exchange for a German gun as a souvenir.

On the way back, after the war he moved to Texas where he worked as an electrician at the Jefferson Chemical Company, until they reach retirement in 1980.

Married to Anna Rossi, she had 4 children: 3 males, Marshall, Paul, Charlie (disappeared in 1989) and 1 female, Luana.

Circumstances favorable and a daring sequence of coincidences, allowed members of the association Rover Joe to meet him and allow him to return to Italy on the occasion of the celebrations of the XXV April 2009.

  ..."I've been a bit in your story.
Today I've been back to my story."...

PD. April 2009 as evidence of their work and our gratitude. 

Paul Bennet died at age 90 at his home in Port Arthur,

 Texas, all members of the association were honored to have known him and to have had direct evidence of how they actually occurred a few episodes and what was involved in being a radio operator ROVER JOE.



Paul Bennett

..."I've been a bit in your story. Today I've been back to my story."...

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