German evolution
through the SG-41

Schlüsselgerät 41 (cipher machine 41), or SG-41, was a cipher machine with mechanical pinwheel, was an encryption machine mechanical wheel axle which has been developed during the Second World War by Regierungsoberinspektor Fritz Menzer as a possible substitute for the machine (Abwehr) Enigma.

It was produced by Wanderer Werke in Chemnitz (Germany) and was introduced on October 12, 1944. Although only 11,000 units were ordered, only the 1000W and 2000W units were actually been delivered by the end of the war.

The ine is also known as Hitlermühle (Hitler Mill) due to the large crank to the right.
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The machine is not based on the principle, the flow encryption, like Enigma, but on the C-machine spin-wing analysis principle, developed by Boris Hagelin in Sweden.

Similar systems were developed by Hagelin before the war (eg C-38) and were used during the war by the US army (M-209).

Although the SG-41 is clearly based on the C-38 / M-209, it has been improved in a number of industries.

In particular, it has very irregular movements of the wheels and performs a wheel passage in both directions, which makes it very difficult to break them.


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